Fishing Report

Fishing Report…..This was a very good week, with quick limits most every trip.  That was, for people who actually showed up on time.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be on time, as we are almost always “playing” the tides.  When the tides quit, the bite all but quits, so you go home with less fish.

I would also like to add that August is not the time of year to bring small children.  I had two calls this week with people wanting to bring children aged 4 years or less.  Can you only imagine how they would react to the searing temperatures and possible very windy conditions.  I am not a baby sitter, because I can’t give attention to the people who are actually fishing and be worried about small children.  Please, don’t invite children below the age of 8 to come this time of year, unless you yourself plan on watching them full-time.  No matter, I am still responsible for their safety and I just won’t expose myself to that threat.

August will  be a time of intense heat and little wind (normally), so please take that into consideration when planning your trip.